Strategic creative connects your brand to your target audience to drive sales and brand awareness.


Great design communicates your brand message effectively. It raises your brand’s visibility, increases conversions, reinforces your message and evokes a response. At Abbie's Design Studio, we work with our clients to understand your goals, values and mission in order to connect great design with your customers.


Graphic Design Services

Logo and Branding

Logo + Branding

Website Design

Website Design


Print Design



Direct Mail, Email, Video, Digital Advertising, Media (TV/Radio), Mobile, Events, T-Shirts & Stationery


Our Design Process

1. Let's Talk! We meet in-person in Conshohocken, PA or online over Skype. To get started, click Hire Us. We want to hear about your project and business goals.

2. Quote: Abbie's Design Studio will send you a quote based off our initial meeting. 

3. Design: We get inspired. We create mood boards. We design and share creative concepts with you along the way. We collaborate to achieve business results.

4. File Delivery: We release the final files to you in the required format. The final invoice is sent as the project completes. 


Let's begin collaborating on your next project.